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About Gifting Warriors

Founded October, 2010
About 501c3 Non Profit Organization providing assistance to our returning mentally and physically wounded soldiers in their transition to civilian life.
Established in October 2010 by Thomas R. Barth of South Carolina. "We believe in keeping our overhead extremely low, because every dollar is needed to make the bridge from injury to recovery successful for these brave men and women who have given up their lives as they once knew them."
This 501c3 Non Profit Organization is based in South Carolina and supports our returning veterans with living assistance as they transition into civilian life. We DO NOT allow ANY person or company to collect for "specific" individuals or "single" out soldiers or veterans.
Mission Our mission is to assist with medical bills, household goods, furniture, food, clothing, utilities, vocational training, child care assistance, travel assistance, and any other aid that will help bridge the gap between active duty and a full and fruitful civilian life. Your donations and gifts are humbly appreciated.
Awards Nominated at the 3rd Annual Stay Classy Awards and featured as one of the "NEW Charities" that is making a difference in our community at a feverish pace! We are excited and even more motivated to get our message out to your friends and their friends !!

Your Donation at Work

Gifting Warriors is committed to helping our returning veterans as they transition into civilian life. We work in conjunction with existing service providers in order to conserve our resources and do our part to see to it that no one in need falls through the cracks. We will not call or write to you, or have others ask you to donate items or money. This organization was designed to raise awareness and bring communities and families, and companies and individuals together to offer their OWN labors, skills and cash or check donations to assist these servicemen and women and families.

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