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About Tom Barth

Thomas Barth: Life Story

There are many human-interest stories out there these days. Bad things that have happened to good people. A lot of them are able to overcome their hardships and their stories told around the world definitely help in doing so. Thomas Barth is such a man. The only difference would be that Thomas Barth has come out of the darkness himself, but to this day, he continues to provide the necessary light to others in need.

Born in Minnesota to a large family of 10 children, Thomas learned the importance of family and support from day one. This was further punctuated by living and working on a small farm, where teamwork and support from other Farmers was crucial during Harvest Season. These would be the building blocks of Thomas’ future aspirations and dreams.

Working different jobs here and there, Thomas’ broke into the Construction Industry working as a Laborer, and learning other trades as we went along. After working on Water Dredges and running small boats, Thomas’ moved up to what he would spend the rest of his life doing, working with a Crane.

In between his professional life taking off, Thomas even donated his time to public schools working with troubled children. Thomas’ philosophy of giving back to society might have started here, but regardless of the reason, Thomas loved his time at the schools, teaching children simple mechanics of pulleys and rigging. Tom created such a sense of achievement and brought so much happiness to these children, that he was even nicknamed ‘The Crane Man’ affectionately by them. Tom’s contributions even went as far as being written up in the book “YOUNG PEOPLE’S LESSON IN CHARACTER.”

Eventually Tom started working on Project CANNIKIN. This was a nuclear test conducted on Amchitka Island, Alaska at 11:00 AM Bering Standard Time, on November 6th, 1971. Tom, due to his professional attitude towards work and his natural dedication, was entrusted to lower the less-than-five-megaton Missile. This test, that was the largest underground Nuclear test conducted in the United States, was done to proof test a warhead for the Spartan Missile, a Safeguard Ballistics Missile Defense Program. On top of lowering the warhead himself, Tom ran other Cranes on the Island, while his father and brothers were mechanics involved in other areas.

Working this close to nuclear materials was hazardous, a risk that the men knew existed, and eventually many of them were affected by these risks. A lot of men, including Tom and his brothers suffered from Cancer later in their lives. Some lost their lives, among them was Tom’s father.

However, The Crane Man persevered. Tom overcame his Cancer. Then, creating his own company of Barth Crane Inspection, and becoming one of only a few federally Accredited Crane Inspectors, Tom built his business on a legacy of serving our country. Having had served in the Military along with his 6 brothers, Tom was very familiar with and respected the cost of our freedom.

Now The Crane Man continues to bring joy and happiness to others who have served their country and provides them with a sense of accomplishment in their lives. Being well aware of what veterans face when returning to civilian life, Tom’s organization “Gifting Warriors” helps these veterans by providing Living Assistance, Job Placement Assistance and many other transitioning services to help them better reintegrate into their lives. Through a network of supporters, Tom is able to provide support for veterans facing uncertain job markets, or unable to find affordable housing or even ones suffering from mental or emotional disorders after returning from Service.

From Crane Man to a Gifting Warrior, Tom now extends an invitation to you to join him in this new challenge. To join him and aid an individual or a family that has already sacrificed to serve their nation. And ensure that they no long have to make further sacrifices and are properly thanked for their dedication and service.


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