Ear Acupuncture Assists Those With PTSD


Giving to Those Who Sacrifice

These silent military service people are the families and loved ones of those that wear a uniform. We don't hear much about them. We don't see their 'remembrance photos and names' on the various television shows or the news. They are out there, though! Isn't it time that we heard a bit about them?

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Individual Soldiers: Warriors of All Ages

Recently, a retired veteran, who had fallen on extremely hard financial times due to medical problems, contacted Gifting Warriors in search of assistance in saving his home.

Living in the same city for many years he has taken up driving his own cab for many years. Often known to go the extra mile when it comes to aiding others with transportation issues, or merely just being a reliable friend who has always been known to the community as a server and a gentle kind-spirited person who would help anyone he believed was in need.

This is one time he was unable to carry the burden of others, instead he reached out to our network for assistance in saving his home. He was set to lose his home within a day or two and Gifting Warriors was very happy to pay it forward to him, not only for the service to our country but also the service he is well known for within his community.

We took great pride in being able to provide the financial relief that was needed so that he could keep his home.

It is because of donations like yours that we are able to come together and assist our heroes both past and present in their times of need . Gifting Warriors is dedicated to bringing relief to our wounded soldiers from the greatest generation to our present generation no matter how severe or how small the need. They have fought so bravely for our freedom , it is our turn to give something back. Thank you for your donations and support! Thank you for allowing these brave men and women to feel the force of our nation's gratitude, one donation at a time.

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