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Giving to Those Who Sacrifice

These silent military service people are the families and loved ones of those that wear a uniform. We don't hear much about them. We don't see their 'remembrance photos and names' on the various television shows or the news. They are out there, though! Isn't it time that we heard a bit about them?

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July 2011 Celebration of Gifting at The Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant

Gifting to our wounded soldiers and families of our fallen heroes!

God Bless Seifu & Fetlework Lessanework owners of The Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant in Ferndale Michigan for they committed their restaurant 100% of every meal and beverage sales receipts along with the employee salaries of each person that was on staff for those nights!

The Vice President of Gifting Warriors had the opportunity to attend this event on the kick off date and also on the final date. We are looking forward to being able to make it "Christmas in July" for several soldiers and families who are in great need of our services!

This is what it is all about—giving to those who sacrifice.

Our staff & volunteers thank The owners of The Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant of Ferndale, Michigan and we were so honored to be their choice in charities to take part of this event!

We also want to send a warm thank you to the contributing companies who gave services, time and money to make this event a success. "Thank you for opening your doors to Gifting Warriors, and for bringing our vision of service and support to reality—all the way from South Carolina to Michigan! We pray for many more to follow in your footsteps of kindness and generosity to help our wounded soldiers and the families of our fallen heroes."

God Bless you Seifu & Fetlework Lessanework & staff of The Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant.

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A Warm Thank you to all Supporters and Sponsors of this event!

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